Meet Your Coaches!

Hailing from across the BIG pond we have your writing coaches...

Cassie Newell

"The Sassy Writing Coach"

With her Southern belle charm and sass you can guarantee it's going to be a discussion.

Shane Millar 

"The Editing Maestro" 

With his British invasion allure and brass tact you can be assured it's going to be a conversation. 

Do they always rumble and disagree?  

Check out the Storytellers Faceoff podcast where different experiences come together to support the writer and the writer's journey (the one thing they do agree on!). 

Season 2 : The Craft of Character

Coming March 2023!

The details on the Podcast

How Does This Work?

Each season has a theme and is planned for quarterly release. Cassie and Shane are diving deep each episode. Questions are posed by each coach to discuss, debate, and battle over, in addition to the season theme having guests join for bonus episodes!

If you have a question or suggestion for the podcast, you can email us at 

Available on all platforms supporting podcasts.

Season 1: Mastering The Writer's Mindset

Season 2 launching March 2023

Season 3 launching June 2023

Season 4 launching September 2023

Season 5 launching November 2023